360VR Technology

360VR Technology has built building information platform with emphasis on risk management and facility analytics, particularly, virtualized buildings, aggregated data and cost savings. The platform is designed to optimize emergency, documentation and facility management: Point-cloud renders, enhanced floor-plans, exterior mapping, quick locator links, critical information.

About 360VR Technology

360VR Technology provides an interior 3 dimensional model of any contracted property. Virtual reality creates a dollhouse view of the clients' buildings or facilities, specifying property locations of key features and a 2-dimensional floor plan with corresponding icons. It also features an overhead satellite/drone view of the building exterior with nearby resources, such as fire hydrants and geographical distances marked. The software programs they developed allows emergency personnel to quickly locate critical resources or points of interest on the property, such as the location of building access keys or explosive chemicals.

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Problem statement

Critical building information is decentralized, physically stored, unshareable. As a result, thousands of lives and millions of dollars are lost every year. 99% of buildings have inadequate building information documentation for emergencies and day-to-day operations, creating $89B+ high risk building market.

Traction information

Fundraising: $116k from non-dilutive ($25k SBIR Grant from AIRFORCE), kicking off $550k pre-seed round end of Spring
Certifications: Certification and job placement program with Dept. of Education and Dept. of Labor
Revenue: $14.5k in 2019, waiting on a few large contracts to close


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