Revolutionizing Digital Asset Security and Inheritance Planning

Revolutionizing estate planning through AI, Cryptography & Smart contracts

About Revolutionizing Digital Asset Security and Inheritance Planning

We have created a revolutionary zero-trust digital vault that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms, multi-party compute (MPC), and AI-powered biometric identity validations to effectively safeguard confidential information. is leveraging this technology to transform the legacy and estate planning industry by providing robust security for crypto keys and NFTs, while also facilitating inheritance planning through seamless integration with blockchain and smart contracts. Our aim is to revolutionize the way individuals manage and protect and pass on their digital assets for future generations.

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Problem statement

Digital Assets emerged as a new asset class ($1T in wealth) and the legal inheritance of digital assets is almost non-existent. Trustees need a way to access the keys/wallets of their trustors after their demise. Estate lawyers and wealth managers need a key disbursement solution for their (self-custody) clients. Crypto exchanges don't have a legacy solution in place. It will cost them a lot of time, money and effort to establish legacy planning, without any direct benefit to top-line revenue. Crypto custody solutions in the market require the handover of the keys. Most retail investors don’t like to lose flexibility and control. Self-custody owners resort to a multitude of insecure options such as writing down the secrets or sharing with friends.

Our comprehensive solution stack is designed to address the unique challenges faced by individuals, trustees, and crypto exchanges when it comes to safeguarding and protecting digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We provide a range of robust solutions that ensure the secure management and preservation of these valuable digital assets, offering peace of mind and enhanced security for all stakeholders involved.

Traction information

We are currently working on our first release and plan to engage 100 beta consumers by the end of September. In the meantime, we are continuing our customer interviews with trustees and estate lawyers and collecting MOUs from them to engage them as B2B2C partners once we are commercially ready in October 2023. We currently have 12 MOUs signed. Our waitlist contains 200+ attorney firms and over 1000 consumers and continues to grow at a healthy pace.


August 2022

10 Customer Interviews, product review and feedback

Conduct 10 customer interviews. Showcase the product and gather feedback and testimonials.


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