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DataJoint is like an ERP system for scientific research. We help labs adopt cutting-edge R&D tech and manage petabytes of data with integrity. Scientists get to focus on science while our system automates their data pipelines. We’re NIH-funded and bootstrapped to date. Today we primarily work with neuroscience labs for customers like Harvard Medical School. In 2024, we’re expanding into pharma and accelerating discovery with AI-powered workflows.

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Today, research labs collect and process data using manual processes that are slow, tedious, and rife with opportunities for human error.

Neuroscientists face massive challenges at every stage of an experiment. Getting a project off the ground can take months of configuration and coding. Recording requires systems, infrastructure, and significant effort to keep data organized. Passing data between processing tools can lead to unnoticed errors. In addition, labs must meet new regulatory requirements for data management and traceability of research findings, introducing an all-new level of financial and institutional risk for grant-funded institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies.

DataJoint accelerates scientific discovery. We help labs conduct research that is reliable, reproducible, and auditable.

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NIH awarded DataJoint an SBIR Direct to Phase 2 grant in July 2022 to commercialize our open-source framework. We rapidly built the DataJoint Works platform and signed our first customers in early 2023.

In late 2023, our business exceeds $500k ARR with $6 million active deals in our sales pipeline. DataJoint Works is operating 11 research projects for customers in 9 institutions, including labs at Harvard Medical School, NYU, the Allen Institute, and the National Eye Institute (NIH).

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