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Location-driven construction management software for infrastructure projects

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InstaCEI moves highway and horizontal construction project data into the digital age helping engineers and field staff immediately share data, moving mountains of manual work to a geospatial application saving the industry billions of dollars from lost time, material waste, and errors.

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Problem statement

Construction is one of the oldest and biggest sectors in the world economy, with about
$10 trillion is spent on construction-related goods and services every year. However, the
sector’s annual productivity growth has increased 1% over the past 20 years and is
historically overlooked by software innovation.

Traction information

Soft launch to beta testers in June 2020
Graduated Sputnik ATX Summer 2020 Cohort
Launched MVP in March 2021
Signed 2 Contracts (ARR: $26,625)
10+ Pilots and Pending Contracts (as of May 2021)


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