Kugar Inc.

Kugar is building a modular, Lego-like robotic manufacturing platform to provide flexible automated manufacturing at scale.

About Kugar Inc.

Kugar is building Instablox, a modular robotic manufacturing platform (consisting of proprietary hardware & software) that consists of 30 parts that can be rearranged in a variety of ways to produce various types of components for a wide variety of industries. The platform is built with standardization, ease of integration, and scalability in mind. Initially, the product will be offered under a “manufacturing-as-service model” under company-owned facilities, eventually evolving into a direct sales & SaaS model.

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Problem statement

For several decades, the strategy of many global manufacturers to preserve margins included outsourcing/offshoring factories and related activities to economies with lower labor costs. As global wages and living standards continue to rise, robotic automation is seen as the next solution; however, many options are inaccessible due to high upfront costs, technically complicated offerings, and time required for effective implementation. Additionally, COVID-19 had unveiled the faults in complex, globally distributed supply chains.

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Kugar generated $80K in revenue from a proof-of-concept developed to produce components for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Gulfstream
The version 1.0 of the core product is currently under development.


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