Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells.

About Modgarden

To shift food control and nourishment from centralized corporations to urban dwellers including businesses, ie, restaurants, grocery, schools. Failure to act risks a future dominated by big corporations, further endangering the survival of organic farmers.

Modgarden has developed a soil based organic vertical farming appliance for both consumer and businesses.

Modgarden helps people without yards easily grow organic vegetables in their home so they can eat a fresh salad every day. The tinyFarm is like a “Keurig for fresh salads” that gives everyone a green thumb.

The difference is in the soil, a proprietary blend of living biology that rebalances the nutrition in plants, for a nutritionally balanced and fulfilled body.

- TAM is $69 Billion - Global Vegetable Greens market
- SAM is $750M US Organic Vegetables
- SOM is $60M Garderner’s who eat organically and experience a non-gardening season

Other target personas:
- Restaurants (in-dining room/in-kitchen units)
- Senior living homes (holistic based)
- Organic eateries/Juice bars
- Schools
The above list was selected from channels that pre-purchased our product.

Modgarden’s vision is to feed cities the purest food D2C as well as through B2B (in Yr3) in as healthful way as we once did 100 years ago.

To learn more about our business Strategy, link here:

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Problem statement

Modern farming practices have led to a loss of food quality, control and purity. Less than 1% of the 911M acres of US farms are certified organic. Food is grown like a commodity w/profit maximization in mind. This decline in food quality has created a nutrient security issue, where essential nutrients in our diet are significantly reduced.

100 years ago food was on the table in hours, not days; traveled in “steps” not miles - Modgarden aims to turn cities into circular and sustainable Agro-Centric communities again, with a food appliance.

- Urbanites are unable to reliably purchase nutritious vegetables in cities
- Organic farming is essential to good health, but is an ‘island’ in a sea of chemical based farming
- We are the sickest generation to date. 50% of the most common chronic illnesses can be solved with better food
- Systems such as Hydroponics (~$25B market by 2024) are extensions of industrial agriculture, have significantly lower nutrition.
- Affordability is a concern for organic food seekers, with price premiums ranging from 7.5% to 20%+.
- Demand for organic food (5% of $1T food market) is growing at +14% YoY but agricultural capacity is limited (1% of cultivable land)
- Just four agrochemical giants control 60% of the global seed sales, driving centralization in food production
- Environmental impact – Industrial agriculture is responsible for nearly a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Traction information

- Utility & Design patents granted, trade secrets on our soil recipe,
- 88 pre-paid customers over a 6 day in-person campaign, with 170+ to date,
- Winner Milan Design Week, (out of 543 global products),
- Winner QVC’s - Kitchen electrics competition,
- Awarded Expert Preferred Vendor for a UN sponsored development in Portugal.

Product video

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Four highlights.
1. FINANCING: Thus far we have soft-circles for $250K to 300K towards our milestone of $500k. If you’re interested in jumping on let me know, we’re looking to close this out by SXSW. Note: our valuation cap steps up as interim money goals are reached.

2. PATENT: The USPTO has allowed our utility patent application! This is a massive win, as it positions us to corner the indoor (microbial) soil based vertical farms. We will be filing continuances and will spawn multiple patent applications in as reasonable a way as possible, ie, without detracting from getting to market.

3. PO for 140 units from the UN
We are nearing a purchase order for 140 tinyFarms for climate friendly homes being built in Portugal. Their ultimate charter is to build 6,250 homes, with this being the first installation. This is about a $150K+ order. More to come on this.

4. PRODUCT HARDWARE: After a long manufacturer assessment, a potential partner has emerged out of Asia. They're experienced with an excellent cost structure for the appliance (targeting less than $100 to build and deliver) perfect for our price target of $350 MSRP without compromising beauty. My goal is still to bring manufacturing on-shore.

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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$600,000