Prosrent is the go-to marketplace for construction equipment rentals.

About ProsRent

ProsRent helps construction companies nationwide by streamlining the construction equipment rental process a digital rental marketplace. This is guided by Prosrent's vast network of supplier vendors that the company leverages to enable construction companies to have the ability to rent equipment anywhere in the United States, while giving them the tools to manage their orders (from mobilization to demobilization) all through one source. Prosrent generates revenue via a surcharge on rental fees originated via the marketplace (around 17%).

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Problem statement

Today, construction industry equipment renters and suppliers must often engage via manual, inefficient processes when interacting. This leads to slow procurement processes, inconsistent pricing, and a fragmented market.

Traction information

$5.1M in gross revenue since launching the process
Net revenue around $1M
400 platforms users to-date
60+ active companies renting on a recurring basis


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