ShipShape believes your home should be smart enough to take care of itself and are seeing billions of dollars wasted because home maintenance is inefficient. They've created the "check engine light" for the home using AI and IOT to predict problems before they happen and take action.

About ShipShape

ShipShape uses IoT/Sensor technology that retrofits to all major home appliances to extract data and use our AI to predict problems before they happen and take action by hailing their local service pro to address the issue.
1.Monitor, 2.The Brain, 3. The Interface , 4. Home Assistant

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Problem statement

For The Homeowner For The Service Provider: Owning a home is risky, expensive and stressful.
For The Service Provider: Leads are expensive, the industry is crowded and customers are hard to keep

Traction information

• Completed successful sales pilot last year
• Sold first round of kits
• MOUs in place with strategic service pro networks


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