Don’t take no for an answer

Recently I found out about an event that I wanted to attend and reached out to the organizer for an invitation. He told me that it was “literally to the max on my physical capacity for seats.” I responded, “With 2 weeks left someone is sure to cancel between now and then. I’ll figure out travel plans and be on standby…” Needless to say, I ended up attending the event. Lesson for entrepreneurs — don’t take no for an answer!

I organize a lot of events and meetings and I know that with any audience you can’t expect everyone who RSVP’s to attend or to stay the whole time. With an event full of CEO’s, it’s even more likely that something urgent comes up last minute and prevents them from attending.

To his credit, when I arrived for the opening lunch almost every seat in the house was full and I had to stand in the back for the beginning of the event until I found an open seat.

Most people immediately stop when they hit a wall and turn around. Most successful entrepreneurs try pushing on the wall a few different ways and then try to find a way around the wall. Which do you do?
While searching for a good image I found this quote from an Inc Magazine interview with my friend Stephanie McMahon.