Capital Factory Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Alec Andronikov, Matt Bell, Gary Clarke, Andrew Eye, Bryan Jones, Josh Kerr, Flip Kromer, David Walsh, Rick Westervelt & Charlie Wood.

Serial Entrepreneurs! Start Your Next Company at Capital Factory as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence

If you’re ready to start your next company or looking for a startup to join, the Capital Factory Entrepreneur-in-Residence immerses you in the Austin startup community and makes sure you meet every other possible co-founder and new startup that you might want to work with.

We’re excited to announce the first batch of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at Capital Factory. The Entrepreneur-in-Residence is a way for Capital Factory to recognize Austin’s serial entrepreneurs who are currently in the most critical formation and incubation stages of their next company and align all of our network effects behind their success. We have been beta-testing this program since the beginning of the year and have already launched a new company and placed a senior executive at a promising new startup.

The first Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are:

  • Alec Andronikov — founder of MoVoxx (acquired by Adenyo/Motricity)
  • Matt Bell — founder of BrewDrop (acquired by
  • Gary Clarke — Netscape, Vignette, Wolfram Alpha, Amazon Kindle (early team member)
  • Andrew Eye — founder of Boxer (acquired by VMWare)
  • Bryan Jones — founder of Collider Media (acquired by Videology)
  • Josh Kerr — founder of Zosh (acquired by HighTail/YouSendIt)
  • Flip Kromer — founder of Infochimps (acquired by CSC)
  • David Walsh — Founder of Global Capacity (acquired by Capital Growth Systems)
  • Rick Westervelt — President of PostUp (acquired by Transition Capital Partners)
  • Charlie Wood — founder of Spanning (acquired by EMC)
Notice anything wrong with this list? There aren’t any women on it! It’s not for lack of trying — we did invite some women but they weren’t at the right time in their career to look for something new. If you have any suggestions of women serial entrepreneurs in Austin who are ready to start something, new, please send them our way!

These experienced executives aren’t a fit for Accelerator programs that are designed for first-time entrepreneurs — but that doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from access to the talent pool, mentor network, investor network, and customer introductions that a community like Capital Factory can provide. In fact, experienced entrepreneurs are often building the most ambitious companies, with the most exciting stories, and can extract even more value from these relationships than the average startup.

“This invitation-only program recognizes serial entrepreneurs who have built one or more successful businesses and ready for the next big thing.” — Joshua Baer, Founder and Executive Director of Capital Factory

Are you an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

The ideal Entrepreneur-in-Residence has been a founder, executive or senior engineer at one or more successful startup technology companies. You may or may not have quit your job yet, but you are starting to think about “what’s next?”

You know that attracting talent will be one of the biggest challenges for a growing company in any market and the first hires set the culture for the entire organization. It all starts with your co-founders. How do you find the other top entrepreneurs in town who are ready to do something really big? You’ve got a big personal network but have let it weaken over the past few years as you focused inward on your company. Maybe you are new to Austin and don’t have a local network — or maybe that’s the person you need to meet.

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

  • You get recognized publicly on the Capital Factory website and on Twitter as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence looking for new opportunities
  • You get a free co-working membership at Capital Factory
  • You help screen new companies that apply for the Capital Factory Accelerator
  • You do a lot of office hours to get to know all of the startups
  • You also get access to book office hours with any of the mentors to talk about your startup ideas
  • You get invited to a secret, bi-monthly co-founders dinner for serial entrepreneurs and executives ready to start their next thing
  • There is no fee for this service — we just want to be able to invest in whatever company you start

It works. We’ve already got results.

“Capital Factory and their office hours put me in the middle of a ton of deal flow. In addition, I got a a lot of value out of the other EIR perks including some really impactful secret co-founders dinners. Overall, the Capital Factory EIR program was a great way to connect with Austin’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs and experienced serial entrepreneurs.” — Stephen Straus, Counsl

Two of the first Entrepreneurs-in-Residence were Stephen Straus and Kyle Samani and both have already found new opportunities. Stephen met one of the Capital Factory startups during office hours and eventually joined the team as Executive Chairman. Kyle has already launched a new business and leveraged the Capital Factory network for advice from the mentors and introductions to potential investors.

“I’ve connected to a number of entrepreneurs during Office Hours who have made amazing introductions to people who have been instrumental in the fund raising process. I'm incredibly grateful to the Capital Factory community for all of the resources they've provided to me and my founding team. Moreover, these entrepreneurs and mentors have helped me refine my ideas and go to market strategy.” — Kyle Samani, Justice Capital

Interested in learning more?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, attend the next Intro to Mentoring and Investing at Capital Factory meet-up held monthly or come in for a tour any Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm.

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