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Welcome to Everybody Helping — A Better Way to Help People

Because the things you care about are worth supporting. Only in Texas and iOS for now — download the app here.

No matter what it is that you care about, one thing is true: you care about something. Everyone does. We all have different experiences and backgrounds that lead us to care about different things, but despite these differences, that truth holds just the same: we all care about stuff. It’s just a part of being human. In fact, some of us care about more than one thing at a time — some of us care about a lot of important stuff.

And that’s actually a big problem when it comes to making an impact.

Because where do you start? How do you keep everything organized? How do you know which orgs to support? How do you know you’re making a difference? Who has time for so many web forms? Who has time for so many non-profit emails? (Seriously, that’s a lot of emails, please stop emailing me.)

That’s why we made Everybody Helping. It’s a brand new community where anyone can better support the causes they care about, without the current headache.

Everybody Helping is the app you use to support the causes you love.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set a goal. Goals give us short-term motivation to reach long-term objectives. They’re effective and intentional, which is exactly what we want to be, so whether you want to give $5 or $50 each month, setting a goal will help you do it.
  2. Subscribe to your favorite non-profits. Yes, subscribe. Not “donate one-time and then maybe never again.” Giving monthly is easier for you, it’s more efficient and effective for non-profits, and it helps you build actual relationships with the causes you care about.
  3. Get the monthly updates you want. And get them how you want them too, as Direct Messages sent straight to your phone. Forget about non-profit email spam and get ready for short, data-driven messaging about the impact you’re making. (*This is coming very soon!)
This is a huge image, I know. It’s kind of funny it’s so big — also, it’s beautiful. Follow us: Everybody Helping

Imagine this: it’s Sunday afternoon, you roll out of bed and start getting ready for brunch, slowly remembering everything you lost at the festival you raged at all weekend, afraid to even start thinking about work on Monday, and then you get a push notification from Everybody Helping and Austin Pets Alive! or ACLU of Texas or Austin Sunshine Camps (or any other awesome cause you love) thanking you for your $10 gift last month with data about the specific impact you personally helped to create.

And, boom.

You’re saving lives, fighting political corruption, feeding the hungry, rescuing abandoned animals, educating the next generation, and more, possibly all at the same time — on your way out to brunch.

Why use Everybody Helping?

In the few years that we’ve been building this thing, we’ve found that helping people to create greater sustainable impact requires three things:

  • Data
  • Convenience
  • Relationships

Each of these things collectively determine everything we do and we’ll explain more about our plans for each of them soon, but for now, here’s why it matters:

Data shows you where you’re making a difference.

We asked hundreds of you the exact same questions about why you don’t give to non-profits and one of the most common responses was, “I don’t know where my money is going. I don’t feel like I’m making an impact.

And that’s not a very good feeling at all. In fact, that kinda sucks. The good news, however, is not that so many incredible non-profits don’t have actual, mind-blowing impact data to show you, it’s really just that they’ve have limited options of doing so yet.

But that’s where we come in — with data.

When you subscribe to a cause with Everybody Helping, you’ll see your update in the impact data section of the non-profit’s profile — their Monthly Total raised, Total Subscribers, and Average Gift Amount. You’re also tracking your own gifts in in your Everybody Helping profile, which is currently in Settings for now, but will soon be in its natural home for you on a bottom tab bar on the right. (read: we’re a start-up! cc: Austin Startups)

And we’re just getting started, but we are excited about how data will change how we think about giving. You shouldn’t have to wonder if your support for this thing that you really believe in actually matters or not — it matters. And we want you to know what it feels like to know that you are making a difference — and data is going to help us do that.

Giving monthly is the easiest way to give.

It really is. Let me explain:

Compared to only donating to a non-profit (or a small group of non-profits) as one-time donations, somewhat randomly throughout the year, subscribing to support them every single month, at an amount that you choose and can afford (min $5/mo), does a few very valuable things for you and nonprofits.

When you subscribe:

  • You do it once and you know it’s done; that’s pretty easy
  • Non-profits likely get more money from you overtime
  • Non-profits know what they’re getting, creating less volatility
  • You start a small, valuable relationship with a non-profit/cause

Meaning, it’s convenient and functional. And by convenient, we mean it’s already done for you, updating you every month, all in the same place, all on your time. Because you and the things you care about are important.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.

We want to bring you personally closer to the things that you care about by helping you reach this community in the most valuable way for you.

And for us, that means:

  • Nonprofit and user profiles
  • In-app direct messages (*coming soon)
  • Social product features, community
  • No non-profit email spam

When you subscribe to a cause with Everybody Helping, you get to choose what you receive, where you see it, and how often. By default, you just receive email confirmations for your gifts. And once we introduce Messages, non-profits you’re subscribed to will be able to send short, data-driven impact updates straight to your app as DM’s. No extra clutter, just the things you want to know.

“Hey Scott! Thanks for your $10 gift in January. We raised $2500 from subscribers just like you, which means 45 free mammograms for Austin-area women to protect themselves against breast cancer. All thanks to you. Check out our recap here: [link]”

And that’s all for now!

We’re going to be sharing everything ‘Everybody Helping’ for you right here — powerful stories, causes we care about, product direction, and more, so I don’t want to say too much too soon and it’s already time to get started.

Go ahead, subscribe to your first non-profit.

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