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B2B SaaS document control and workflow automation M365 solutions with $500k ARR expanding from India into $6 Billion U.S. enterprise mid-market.

About Titan Workspace

Titan Workspace improves usability of Microsoft 365 by Simplifying Document Management and Workflow Automation.
Our solution is purchased by customers to optimize records management, internal compliance, and task approvals. We primarily serve the mid-market, with a customer base mainly in manufacturing, pharma, and property management. Since launch in 2021, we’ve grown to over 90 customers. We are highly capital efficient with solid SaaS matrix. we are Delaware Corp headquartered in Dallas Texas.

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Problem statement

90% of enterprises subscribers of Microsoft 365 use less than 30% of the platform capabilities due to three primary reasons:
1. Challenging Learning Curve: The learning process for navigating the Microsoft 365 platform can be daunting. Users often find it challenging to explore and fully grasp the extensive range of features available.
2. Intuitive Interface Concerns: The user interface, while powerful, may not always be intuitive. As a result, users spend excessive time figuring out how to perform tasks efficiently, impacting overall productivity.
3. Productivity Loss: When users struggle with platform complexities, their productivity suffers. Time spent managing work-related tasks could be better utilized if the process were streamlined.
Titan Workspace, however, addresses these challenges by simplifying document management and automation, allowing users to focus on their core responsibilities.

Traction Metrics

Traction information

90 paying customers in India.
$500,000 in ARR,
Total 2023 revenue = $900,000 (including subscription on services)
93% net revenue retention (NRR),
Burn Multiple is less than 1,
Customers in US have paid us 6X as compared to what Indian customers pay.
Microsoft Co-Sell Ready,
Distribution agreement signed with Tata Group to bundle Titan Workspace with M365

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June 2024

Endorsed as innovative solution by Microsoft US

Global product head for SharePoint at Microsoft (Mark Kashman) had written a very positive review for Titan Workspace. Please see attached image.

May 2024

Recognition by Microsoft Channel Partner Community for 2024

The International Association for Microsoft Channel Partners has acknowledged Titan Workspace as a significant solution for M365. This recognition underscores its role in empowering Microsoft Partners to deliver more strategic value to their customers. Titan Workspace earned this distinction in the Asia Pacific region, where it has effectively showcased the necessity of such a solution in enhancing the usability of M365.

December 2023

$900000 in Revenues

90 Customers 4X growth in 2023 v/s 2022

January 2021

MVP and Pre-Seed

Small prototype with few early adopters.


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Sixth Pharma customer acquired by Titan Workspace.

UAE based leading Training and Development services company selects Titan Workspace to drive its digital transformation.

Titan Workspace signs new contract for $150,000 with an upcoming retail chain in USA.

Leading Manufacturing company having majority of their business in US has selected Titan Workspace for Workflow Automation.

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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$1,000,000

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