Augmented reality for space education.

About AstroReality

AstroReality leverages a partnership with NASA to ingest data and produce enriched content using AR/VR technology. The end product is like Masterclass, for learning about Space. The team sells direct to consumer and also through B2B channels for schools.

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Problem statement

AstroReality is an award-winning brand that innovates by merging physical products with augmented reality. Creating immersive, tactile methods to explore science, space, and life, AstroReality brings space experiences to life in the palm of your hand.

Traction information

Raised $1.8 M in total funding
Partnership with NASA, Smithsonian, National Geographic, MOMA, Aldrin Family Foundation, etc.
51,000 Customers
100 School Contracts
TechCrunch Award
CES Innovation Award


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