Doctor-designed, personalized hemp/CBD products for people coming to the category for sleep, stress, and pain.

About BACE

Bace provides a new approach to Hemp CBD with full spectrum Hemp extracted without chemical solvents. Capsules contain hemp extract and organic coconut oil in a vegan capsule

Bace has developed a process to help guide consumers through finding their optimal dosage via the Discovery Pack, as well as providing educational content to help educate the consumers on the usage and contraindications for CBD. They also sell 10, 25, and 50mg capsules for one-time purchase or monthly subscription.

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Problem statement

Consumers seek Hemp for health uses, but lack access to high-quality solutions. Over 70% of CBD products are mislabeled, there is limited traceability on sources, and many producers use chemical-based extraction that leads to the inclusion of unnecessary ingredients. There’s also insufficient consumer guidance on how to properly use CBD or effective dosage.

Traction information

$15K MRR (50%+ from recurring subscriptions
60% MoM growth in subscriptions
Customer acquisition costs <$30 (paid, organic social, and channel partners)
30+ brand ambassadors
Key investors/advisors: Keith Romero (Bain partner, consumer analytics), Matt Greenberg (healthcare and cannabis investor), Michael Donahue (WhatsApp)
Patent-pending dosage determination process (Discovery Pack)


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