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About Blended Sense

Blended Sense is a media technology marketplace platform, that makes content production accessible and reliable for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We match creative pros with local businesses anywhere in the US and leverage our production management software to streamline logistics and communications.

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Problem statement

The demand for SMBs to produce content accelerated beyond current market solutions.

Current Options in the market place
* Retain an Agency: Way too expensive; almost every SMB is priced out of this option.
* Hire Full Time: High overhead cost; bandwidth constraints; ramp time; flight risk.
* Source Free Lancer: High effort; unreliable; no quality/pricing standard; analysis paralysis; high risk.
* DIY: Time consuming; lack of hardware and software; knowledge/skill gap.

Traction information

$1.5M in lifetime sales+
Cash Flow Positive since Q4 2022
Over 20 US states serviced
LTV in Real Estate Vertical $10.3k


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Currently raising capital

round goal
Total raised to date:$1,550,000


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