Bonfire Labs

Bonfire is an AI-powered product recommendation bot for businesses, that carries your shopping data to every single website you visit - powered by interoperability.

About Bonfire Labs

At Bonfire, we are building product recommendation bots for companies - powered by interoperability.

Our chatbots share data amongst themselves, carrying your shopping preferences & purchase history to every new website equipped with our chatbot to offer extremely personalized experiences.

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Problem statement

Despite the hundreds of millions of chatbots in operation, the goldmine of valuable data generated from each conversation goes away after ending the conversation.

Traction information

- 500+ users, generating $9K MRR in less than 2 months of monetization
- Backed by Cory Levy & Z-Fellows
- I'm a 2x founder and AI engineer by trade, with an academic background in AI from the University of Toronto.


To join our investor update list, please ping me at [email protected]

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