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Bracketology is the premier centralized fantasy gaming platform for reality TV. Led by its first property, Bach Bracket (founded in 2016, think Fantasy Football for The Bachelor franchise television shows), Bracketology has expanded into additional reality TV shows (Survivor and Big Brother). Over the past 5 reality TV show seasons for which we offer fantasy games, we’ve seen
212,000 league sign-ups, with $0 spent on marketing/user acquisition. New leadership was brought onto the team in 2021 as Bach Bracket became Bracketology, with a goal of expanding from a passion project to a global business.

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Reality TV fans are craving more engagement with their favorite shows through fantasy gaming, but current solutions in the market are decentralized, unreliable, and lack community focus. Reality TV shows are being created at a faster rate than ever (~300 new shows/year), yet not enough is being done to more meaningful engage its audience.

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Over the past 5 reality TV show seasons for which we offer fantasy games, we’ve accomplished: 212,000 league sign-ups (entirely organic, $0 marketing spend), 50-60% weekly email open rate, $85,581 in sponsorship/ad revenue, $160,548 pre-seed crowdfund, and built a proprietary web app & admin panel that allows us to expand into new shows with just a few clicks.


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Total raised to date:$160,548
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