Byldr. On Device. Code Free. XR Application Authoring Platform.

About Byldr

Think Powerpoint or Wix for XR applications.

Byldr is an on device, code free XR application authoring tool which allows experienced developers to improve their productivity 5 fold by eliminating the desktop to XR device iteration cycle by allowing them to dream, design and deploy all on device in XR. In addition, by removing the code barrier it allows new and existing creatives to transition into XR application developers in a matter of days rather the months required to develop commercial proficiency in coding and Unity functionality. The result, more people building more apps.

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Problem statement

Broad enterprise XR adoption has been slowed by a lack of capacity in the XR development community. A lack of capacity illustrated by a 1400% increase in the demand for XR professionals in the last 18 months. This has limited the ability of development agencies and professionals to scale their businesses to meet billions of dollars in exploding demand.

Traction information

3K plus users in Beta
350 XR apps published
$400K+ enterprise applications built using Byldr and deployed successfully by users into energy, medical/surgical and gaming
Acceptance by the Oculus Labs and MS Store for deployment
Request by HTC China CEO Alvin Graylin Wang to adapt Byldr for use on the yet to be released HTC Vive Focus 3