ClikRX helps doctors and hospitals intelligently route patient referrals and complete insurance paperwork so they can spend more time on patient care.

About ClikRx

ClikRX digitizes the manual processes involved in healthcare to drastically reduce the time that physicians and their staff make referrals. Their SaaS software provides digital forms with advanced searching capabilities to help match patients to providers based on their insurance and needed care, streamlined network navigation for doctors to find the right referrals quickly, and simplified portals to improve approval response time.

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Problem statement

Manual processes in the health care system delay delivery of care - time from initial injust to referral processing and reception of care can take 21 days. Requirements like manual paper forms, network navigation, and slow response times exacerbate the problem and keep doctors from providing patient care.

Traction information

The business model includes a two-way SaaS platform connecting prescribers ($150 - $250 per month per user) to other admin users ($50 - $100 per month per user). They are also building technology components like a prescriptions portal to receive orders outside of ClikRX networks, and de-identified data sales to create additional revenue streams. The team is doing roughly $9,500/month in revenues, and pilot locations at major hospital systems including Banner Health, and Children’s Hospital in Phoenix AZ.


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