The AI-Powered Customer Engagement Hub For Omnichannel Success

About DataOrb

DataOrb is an AI-first company that enables companies to operationalize customer empathy – across all touchpoints and channels. With DataOrb’s Customer Engagement Hub, companies can enhance their playbooks by turning insights into action. DataOrb empowers employees to drive measurable improvement through DataOrb’s AI Coach. Better ainsights, happier humans, stronger performance and higher value.

Here's just a few ways DataOrb can make CX a little less work, and make your life a little easier:

- Impact Drive customer satisfaction, empower your agents, increase revenue from an AI-powered customer engagement hub
- Insights Gain better visibility into omnichannel product issues and customer complaints, and mitigate hotspots before they impact your business.
- Data Aggregate every customer interaction from every channel, leaving no data behind. The DataOrb connectors centralize social, contact center, email, and other sources of customer interaction data.

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