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A leading provider of blockchain-backed credentialing solutions for educational institutions

About Digital Record

Digital Record is a leading provider of blockchain-backed credentialing solutions for educational institutions and accreditation agencies. Our services are currently available in 7 countries spanning 5 continents.

Our digital platform allows education providers to issue secure & verifiable digital credentials that are backed by the blockchain.

What Is a Verifiable Credential?
We use the power of blockchain to create verifiable credentials that are digital and cryptographically secure. This includes diplomas, transcripts, and other education records.

Storing a record on the blockchain is like storing it on thousands of secure individual databases, where each databases keeps each other in check. Blockchain's inherent property ensures the authenticity of the record.

The holders of digital diplomas recorded on the blockchain can share their digital credentials with any entity using a simple link or QR code. With the use of blockchain technology, trust is guaranteed.

Target customers: Education providers (i.e Universities, Vocational Training)
Problem: Paper & PDF credentials are hard to verify, easy to fraud, and easily lost or destroyed
Solution: A web platform where education providers can issue and manage tramper-proof credentials

Currently, many universities globally are issuing tamper-proof certificates via our platform. (i.e University of San Francisco, University of Nairobi, etc)

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Problem statement

We combat the problem of fraudulent paper and PDF credentials that hinder verification, impacting employment and hiring. Traditional credentials are vulnerable to manipulation and forgery, undermining individuals' confidence in showcasing their qualifications and employers' ability to authenticate candidates' credentials. According to Eaton & Carmichael's 2022 research, this fraud is estimated to be at least $21 billion USD.

We are still using paper & PDF for verification purpose in the era of photoshop. Paper & PDF credentials are easy to fake, hard to verify, and easily lost or destroyed.

When PDF file first came out in 1993, it was the source of truth as not many people had the access or the knowledge to use photoshop. But today anyone can photoshop straight from their phone without special training.

The issue of fake credentials not only undermines the credibility of the individuals who hold them, but also undermines the overall trust and value of education. This has significant economic and social consequences, as employers and society as a whole rely on credentials to determine the knowledge and skills of individuals. The current system of paper and PDF credentials is therefore no longer adequate and a more secure and trustworthy solution is needed.

Traction information

- Developed the solution in collaboration with professors and researchers from Queensland University of Technology.
- Paid clients in the US, Australia, and Africa. Our services are currently available in 7 countries spanning 5 continents.
- Serving prestigious universities (including University of San Francisco, University of Nairobi, Queensland University of Technology, Academique University, etc), with 20+ institutions on the waitlist.
- Gained Steve Grubbs, former Iowa House of Representative education committee chair and CEO of VictoryXR, to join the advisory board.
- Formed partnerships with major education technology provider, VictoryXR. We are proving them our service and exploring the reselling option to their 100+ schools under contract.
- Raised $200,000 in business development budget, technology development, and STN blockchain network access.

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January 2023

Pilot on the way

We had several schools saying yes to pilot our product so we started off piloting the solution.

December 2022

Version 1 product was developed

We finished developing our V1 product, a web platform that allows education providers to issue and manage tamper-proof certificates.

November 2022

$150k investment in technology and STN networks access

We received a technology investment that’s worth 50k from Smart Trade Network Global Limited.

November 2022

$50k Business Development Budget

Tony and Kangle decided to contribute 50K budget for business development for the next 8 months.

October 2022

Focus on education credentialing

This is when we decided to start focusing on education credentialing as our client was asking us to build a more user friendly interface to register certificates onto the blockchain.

October 2021

Project formation

We first formed the project, it started off as a NFT API company. We made APIs to help developers to easily turn anything on their software platform to NFT. We were able to commercialize the technology very soon.


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Not raising capital right now

round goal
Total raised to date:$200,000
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