We leverage technology and data to provide self esteem education to children while collecting actionable insights and delivering it to key decision makers.

About Enrichly

We are using our platform to improve self-esteem in kids and provide them with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Parents and decision-makers will be equipped with vital information and insight into the child's climate to take action immediately before things escalate within their child. Our platform is unique because of the ability to engage our target audience with character and celebrity led instruction. Our actionable data is also a unique factor because we are providing real time insights to prevent things like suicide and other forms of youth violence.

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Problem statement

We are solving the issue of unhealthy self esteem in children. What if we could prevent teen pregnancy before it happened? What if we could predict youth the suicide before the devastation? Teen pregnancy low academic achievement violent behavior self neglect and suicide have one thing in common amongst you and that is unhealthy self-esteem. There are over 60 million kids in the United States alone who suffer from low self-esteem. Enrichly is the first ever self-esteem based e-learning platform designed to strategically leverage technology and data for children. Our platform is designed to deliver self-esteem based learning skills while collecting actionable data and connecting key decision-makers to trusted mental health resources. Unhealthy self-esteem is the leading cause of issues like teen pregnancy, low academic achievement, violent behavior, and other risky youth behavior which can all lead to poverty and unsuccessful sequences of events. Children shouldn’t be subject to unreached potential due to unhealthy self-esteem.

Traction information

- Signed MOU and contract with Dubai, UAE schools, $5Million dollar pipeline
- $18Milliom dollar pipeline with Texas State schools
- Partnership with Disney’s Ravens Home cast
- Candidate for Dept Of Health and Human Services Grant of $1.3Million
- 1,000 parents subscribed to beta platform
- $5k in MRR
- $75k Revenue to Date
- Won 50k and 1st place in 2 Minute Drill (Premiered on Amazon Prime and Bloomberg TV)

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