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Feasti, established in 2023 by Rahul Yadav in Dallas, Texas, is an online platform that operates on a subscription-based model. It serves as a connecting bridge, linking local chefs with those in search of homemade meal delivery services. The core mission of Feasti is to eliminate the divide between homemade meals and takeout, with a strong dedication to making these homemade culinary delights both affordable and easily accessible to all.

One of the standout features of Feasti is its role as a catalyst for home cooks looking to establish their own food brands. They offer comprehensive support encompassing packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution, empowering home chefs to expand their reach and sell their culinary creations on a larger scale. Furthermore, Feasti equips these budding entrepreneurs with advanced tools and technology for various aspects of their business, including menu creation, efficient order management, and seamless delivery logistics.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a substantial surge in demand for Feasti's services. Many individuals, seeking flexible income opportunities from the comfort of their homes, turned to the platform. Remarkably, some of these "HomeChefs," who had experienced job losses during the pandemic, are now earning monthly incomes of up to $3,000 through Feasti.

Feasti doesn't stop at facilitating culinary creativity; it also provides local cooks with essential business tools and technological resources. These encompass assistance with pricing strategies, professional photography services, and guidance on effective self-marketing and promotional activities. In essence, Feasti remains unwaveringly committed to ensuring that every individual can savor wholesome, homemade meals without straining their budget.

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Problem statement

Feasti addresses various key challenges in the food market for HomeChefs:

Offering them a platform to showcase their culinary skills and connect with a wider customer base. It helps home chefs expand their businesses by connecting them with customers seeking homemade meals and takes on the responsibilities of marketing, promotion, order management, and customer support, relieving chefs of these burdens. Additionally, Feasti aids in building brand recognition for home chefs, ensuring quality through its assurance processes, and ultimately empowers them to establish themselves as reputable culinary experts in the industry.

Feasti addresses key Consumer needs in the food industry by:

Simplifying daily meal planning with convenient access to freshly prepared meals. It offers variety and consistency through a diverse menu, saving time with doorstep meal deliveries. Prioritizing health and nutrition, Feasti allows customization to accommodate dietary preferences and offers flexible ordering options. Overall, it provides a convenient and hassle-free solution for individuals and families looking to simplify their daily dining needs and eliminate the need for cooking or ordering from multiple restaurants.

Traction Metrics

Traction information

Number of HomeChefs who have joined: 440

Requests for signup from HomeChefs pending onboarding: 530

Total user count: 550

Monthly active users: 400

Aggregate orders delivered from April to August: 880

Overall transactional revenue for 2023 since beta launch in April: $85,000

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