Affordable flight simulation for all

About Fly-a-Sim

Fly-a-Sim will make these experiences available to everyone, regardless of skill level or age.
It will be a new and exciting entertainment venue for the entire family.
With the release of MSFS 2020 and the new Top Gun movie, Fly-a-Sim will be in a very good position to attract scores of clients.
We will have a 737 sim as well as 4 F18 jet fighter sims, ideal for a dog fight scenario, team buildings or just a solo landing on an aircraft carrier.

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Problem statement

Affordable flight sim experiences in South Africa is extremely difficult to come by and usually only available at training simulators owned by airline companies.

Traction information

Fly-a-Sim will be a first of its kind entertainment venue in South Africa with massive growth potential.


Fly-a-Sim has the joined forces with a Canadian startup , which will assist in the initial stages of starting our business with valuable insights into the running of such a unique new business.
This startup team will be a valuable asset in our initial stages.

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