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Redefining Identity in an Evolving Digital World
Boca Raton

About KNWN Technologies, Inc.

KNWN helps businesses reduce losses from fraud while increasing omnichannel revenue by providing them with a new level of identity validation that enables them to know and protect their customers' identity from enrollment through every touchpoint in the customer journey via our continuously evolving relational identity network that leverages biometrics, artificial intelligence, and IoT communication.

Our privacy-preserving ecosystem of identity vectors continuously learns and perfects itself on each person, the places/environments they go, and the things/devices they have ensuring passive multidimensional authentication with unmatched speed and accuracy at scale across any platform and camera-enabled device.

KNWN has a built-in network effect that makes the system more powerful with every new user, interaction, and device that's added to the platform, which makes us the only solution in the market that gets smarter, faster, more accurate, and more secure with each use by each individual.

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Problem statement

As our physical and digital worlds continue to converge at a rapid pace, further accelerated by Covid, it's made it more difficult than ever for businesses to make accurate trust decisions in real-time about who their customers are, while maintaining a seamless experience for the life of the relationship, across platforms and channels, online and in-person.

Existing solutions have proven to be static, fragmented, full-of-friction, and vulnerable. This has led to businesses and consumers losing billions of dollars annually from lost sales, fraud, hacks, and breaches.

Traction information

1 paying private beta customer
4 lois executed
15+ opportunities in the pipeline
2 patents pending, 1 provisional, trademarks filed


Eric Dresdale has visited this profile using a private link.
Added almost 3 years ago
Eric Dresdale has visited this profile using a private link.
Added almost 3 years ago

New Advisor Added

KNWN just added one of the leading researchers and consultants in the biometric and identity space with over 20 years of experience. She has a strong background in technical sales and marketing. She will be working with the CEO on continuing to define and refine KNWN's copy, strategy, and positioning in the market.

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