We power multifamily hospitality: Lodgeur helps apartment buildings boost and diversify cash flow by converting and managing vacant units to attract renters looking for convenient and flexible furnished accommodation.

About Lodgeur

We're a B2B2C prop-tech company that helps apartment building owners boost their cash flow and property value. We do this by converting empty apartments and managing them to attract a new type of renter looking for the convenience of furnished accommodation on flexible terms. Our furnished living on-demand product gives traveling professionals and digital nomads the service and consistency of a hotel with the spaciousness and function of a stylish home. It's also perfect for people who hate moving and assembling furniture! Our long-term vision is to build the operating system that powers apartment buildings anywhere globally to increase and diversify their NOI (net operating income) by incorporating hospitality into their revenue management mix.


Why now? The pandemic has accelerated changes in how we live, work, and travel. We're switching from booking hotels to alternative accommodation. We're spending less time in the office or never going back. And that means we're no longer tied to a single location every day.

Our competitors are rental arbitrage companies such as short-term rental brand Sonder and corporate housing operators. What differentiates us is that as the building's partner instead of tenant, we don't have a long-term commitment to pay a fixed monthly rent. Instead, we make money by charging a commission on the revenues generated, earning high-profit margins (75%). Our model better balances risk and rewards for owners: it generates more revenue in good times and eliminates the risk of a lease default in bad times. This last point is essential because three of the four largest competitors defaulted on their leases and went out of business during the pandemic.

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If you need a place to live in the US, just about every property is rented unfurnished on a long-term contract. But people's lives don't always fit into neat 12-month sprints. Why does moving need to be so hard? Why do you need to own your furniture? And if you need temporary housing, you're stuck between flawed options: booking monotonous hotels or playing 'Airbnb roulette'. Hotels are expensive, and the rooms are small and not well suited to families or sharers. With no kitchen, you're forced to eat out or order expensive room service – a pain if you're staying more than a couple of nights


It's no surprise then that many apartment budlings are struggling with vacancy losses. They only market a single product: bare apartments on a long-term lease. In Houston, the average downtown building has forty empty units, costing them nearly a million dollars in vacancy loss each year! And worse, since buildings are valued on their cash flows, it's knocking millions of dollars off the potential value! Things are different overseas. Back in London (where I'm from), four out of every five properties are rented fully furnished on shorter terms. And that makes sense. The trend is for innovative companies to disrupt the status quo by providing more convenience and flexibility to consumers. Amazon changed how we shop. Netflix changed how we watch TV. And now Lodgeur is changing how we travel and sleep by offering on-demand accommodation.

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Lodgeur has processed $2.2m worth of bookings from 4,800 users to date. We've received funding from Austin-based VC Sputnik ATX after completing their Summer 2021 accelerator program.

We've 3X'd in the first half of 2022 and are now processing $150K of bookings monthly. We have a pipeline of hundreds of units, including whole buildings of 50-150 units.

Our apartments are in Greystar communities, the world's largest operator. We successfully survived the Covid pandemic by pivoting our business model and customer focus, whereas well-funded competitors did not. The company is cash-flow positive and has substantially de-risked its business model while automating operations.

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During the second half of 2021, Lodgeur participated in the Summer 2021 accelerator for Austin-based VC Spunit ATX and received investment. We have started 2022 off with a bang, signing deals that will see the company double in size in Q1. We will be looking to 2X again in Q2, and 2X again by year-end (i.e. 8X 🚀 in 2022).


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Total raised to date:$337,500
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