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We turn fans' memories into content, data and revenue.

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Our fan-centric storytelling platform allows our clients in sports and entertainment to create longer, year-round engagement, gain deeper more emotional insights on their fan base and create new revenue streams. We do this by turning fans' memories into digital assets for our clients which becomes a treasure trove of content and revenue, but also valuable data points to better understand the psyche and behavior patterns of their fans.

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The $16 billion fan engagement market is trying to solve three critical problems: 1) more year-round engagement; better understanding of their fan base and their behaviors; new revenue streams.

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Completed MVP testing. Closing on paid pilots for Spring 2024. More than 300 meetings for input from various teams, leagues and live entertainment businesses. Lead investors Drayton and Amy McLane. Top 10 in Universal Parks Innovation Pilot Program. Top 15 Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Challenge.

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December 2023

Completed MVP Testing

Completed MVP testing with sports and entertainment clients. Moving towards paid pilots in Q2 2024.

November 2023

300 interviews with sports and entertainment key clients

Completed more than 300 interviews with end users and key decision makers at major sports and live entertainment organizations. Continue to have meetings to validate and gain input on product iterations.

June 2023

Top 15 Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Challenge (Only US Company)

The only US sports tech company to finish in the top 15 for the Microsoft Sports Innovation Challenge.

February 2023

Closed Lead Investor -- Drayon III and Amy McLane

Closed lead investors Drayton III and Amy McLane. The McLane family is a prominent business and sports family in Texas (associated with the Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park and Baylor University football stadium). Drayton manages the portfolio of the McLane Companies, while Amy is a former marketing communications executive with the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars.

January 2023

Top 10 Universal Parks LiftOff Innovation Program

A top 10 finalists from more than 500 applications to the Universal Parks Innovation Pilot Program. Looking for solutions to enhance before and after guest visits to Universal Park properties.


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