Direct-to-consumer soap subscription service.

About Petal

Petal offers a direct to consumer, sustainable personal care subscription service. Pods of hand soap (first product) are shipped directly to customers who mix with water in their own bottle or Petals, removing dependence on single-use plastics.

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Problem statement

Plastic waste in personal care is a major contributor to the 28,000 tons of single-use plastics that are dumped into our oceans EVERY DAY. Hand soap is one of the most frequently used personal care products and this has been heightened because of COVID-19. There is a huge shift in sustainability focused demand for CPG products based on the core values of their largest generation - Millennials. Petal will fulfill this demand in personal care.

Traction information

• Product - Product is tested and currently being manufactured.
• Pre-orders - Ready to start shipping in Oct of this year, launched e-comm site and have already sold a few thousand dollars of pre-orders.
• Partnerships - Part of through partnership with the Wyland Foundation. The foundation is planning to highlight their cobranded bottle as their lead holiday gift on their website starting in Oct. They will also promote via email and printed newsletters to over 100k members.
• Cash in the bank - $150k, runway through end of 2020. Close to bringing in an additional $100 - $200k with pre-seed round.


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