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Relic Tickets uses blockchain technology to issue smart tickets packed with amazing benefits for fans and the management tools you need. Say goodbye to counterfeit tickets while continuing to serve primary and resale markets with Relic Tickets.

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Problem statement

Our tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to each visitor’s smartphones, making fraud impossible.

You are now able to:
- Lock tickets (once sold) and unlock them at a date and time of your choosing
- Increase consumer trust by offering a truly counterfeit proof solution to purchase their tickets.
- Our smart ticket is equipped with non-static, revolving QR codes that change as a function of time and when it’s transferred to a different user.

Traction information

- App live on the app store.
- New technology that is authenticated signature on digital assets w/ fan interactions. Cameo w/ signatures.
- Pending partnerships with NBA, NFL, and Venues out in California. Atlanta Hawks (Trae Young NFT)
- NFL Summit


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