Eliminating the business impact of software issues in production
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About Safedeploy

Safedeploy creates an environment where the lead time in an agile development cycle goes down to 14 days which is at least 50% less than before.

1. Provides full visibility into what’s going on during build and deploy by what gets deployed when in production with operation valuable information to solve issues faster from production.
2. Enables DevOps to run an automated test cycle of the whole application before it gets into production.
3. Ensures that all pre-existing functionality works in each new release, eliminating the need for time consuming and error prone regression testing.

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Problem statement

Modern development pipelines are complex and slow.... The DevOps people does not have a good overview of what's going on during building, releasing and deploying and when and what gets deployed into production. That's why the lead time in a agile development sprint cycle is in reality 28 days instead of 14 days as planned.

Traction information

The target customer is a typical DevOps, Head of engineering meaning an IT C-Level person who has so much to do that he cannot deliver on time due to not having enough people on board and they are not able to prioritize the patches correctly due to the daily change of priority. As well the COO, DevOps, etc. kind of positions are a great target customer audience. We do have three pilot customers with VelocityZ, equinix and SAP.

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