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About SalesBoost, LLC

About SalesBoost
SalesBoost is a patented, software as a service (SaaS) company providing a skill–based, simulation training platform that features unlimited business scenario replication and immediate feedback to improve effectiveness. SalesBoost leverages technology to fill the gap in learning retention and the adoption of new skills. It provides an engaging solution for professionals to tap into relevant, role-based content that is on-demand, self-paced, and available on any device, in short, easily digestible, micro-learning segments. Business professionals can access content that is meaningful to them, learn quickly, and practice real-world selling scenarios to be prepared for any situation. Additional information on SalesBoost can be found at


Problem statement

Conversation skills are nearly impossible to train even though they are 100% necessary.

SalesBoost accelerates time to proficiency in sales, leadership or customer service from 160 hours per person to just minutes.

That means businesses can arm their team with the soft skills they need in minutes.

Organizations can scale with the assurance their team is prepared to meet the new demands of their enterprise to perform at top of their game.

Traction information

2023 YE Results:

- $1.6M ARR
- $750K LTV
- <4% Churn
- 96% Renewal
- 85% of Customer Expansion


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