Skillpower is a customer success platform for the health and wellness industry. The H&W industry has a huge churn rate problem - north of 50% for many companies. SkillPower is a B2B behavior change platform featuring a digital health coach that H&W companies can add to their customer experience to increase customer retention, LTV and NPS.
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About SkillPower

Skillpower platform teaches evidence-based skills that boost willpower and customer success.
Skillpower impacts multiple key business metrics:
• Reduce CAC by adding the ”benefit” of a Willpower Coach to marketing campaigns.
• Increase product usage and retention rates.
• Increase customer lifetime value (LTV).
• Increase net promoter score (NPS) and customer success.

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Problem statement

• Health/Wellness Industry has a 50%+ churn rate and high customer acquisition costs
• Research shows the majority of people starting a new health goal quit within 30 days
• 18% of the AirForce is obese, 20% of Military is obese

Traction information

• DoD - WonAFWERX SBIR Phase 1 and are actively pursuing 20.1 Phase II.
• Contracts: Camino Software – Enterprise software for gyms and fitness studios; OneStopWellness – Enterprise wellness software for employer
• LOIs - WithHealth – Telemedicine health care platform; Porchlight – Software to connect users with meaningful personal connections; Arbonne – Health and wellness company with over 1M customers
• Validation - Product meets the “Triple Aim” (considered to be the gold standard of health innovation)
• Partnerships - University of California San Diego (UCSD)
• Programs - We completed the NexCubed Digital Health Accelerator Fall 2019 class.
• Other - 3000 customer reviews, 5 prototypes


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