Skyllful provides enterprises with an on-demand, micro-training solution for frontline workers.

About Skyllful

Skyllful is a SaaS-based Mobile Digital Adoption Platform (MDAP) that provides on-device, on-demand training through scenario-based app simulations. These simulations teach frontline mobile workers how to use apps on their mobile devices for better retention and long-term engagement.

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Problem statement

Frontline workers are overwhelmed with technology, resulting in negative impacts to operations such as reduced sales, lost and spoiled inventory and unresolved work orders.
New hire onboarding and training is often ad hoc, leading to poor mobile app adoption, resulting in manual efforts and/or employee churn.
Poor visibility into engagement with mission-critical mobile apps leads to a lack of operational visibility for IT and LOB leaders.

Traction information

$750K in revenue, consisting of $600K+ ARR / $150K services/content creation revenue.
20% of revenue is services related to annually updated content, although they are working on automating and/or working with 3rd party partners for this component.
Customers include Nestle(case study), DFA (Dairy Farmers of America), ReddyIce, Manhattan Beer Distributors, Verizon, CBRE, Sherwin-Williams, among others.
Approx. $2.4M ARR in 12-month pipeline, per founder.


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