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SunShader is the Laptop Sun, Heat & Privacy Shade enabling you to Work From Anywhere!

About SunShader Inc

SunShader clips onto the edge of your laptop screen, enabling you to see your screen clearly in direct sunlight, while preventing your device from overheating. It doubles as a privacy screen, stopping nosy neighbors from spying on your work. With SunShader, work efficiently from coffee shops, co-working spaces or with your friends on Campus, from the beach, the pool, your backyard or balcony, from airports, airplanes and AirBnBs, or even inside by that bright office window.

SunShader is Patented in the U.S. (Patent No. 10963010) and China, and is Patent Pending worldwide.

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If you've ever tried to use your laptop outside, or on the move, you'll know that it is impossible to see your screen in direct sunlight, and laptops will overheat and shut down surprisingly quickly outside. When your laptop overheats, it damages the long term battery life of your device. Furthermore, keeping your work and your team's work private while working in public spaces is harder than ever.

Traction information

70 orders/day on Amazon.

5-10 orders/day on our Shopify store:

Sharper Image has re-ordered twice.

Staples have placed it into 2 stores in Beverly Hills and Maine.

$40k in revenue on Indiegogo at launch in 2021.

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SunShader 2 launched in March 2022 with these improvements:
• Now Compatible with all laptop brands: Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS etc
• Lighter weight - will not weigh down your laptop screen.
• More flexible, smaller clips make it easy to attach to any laptop.
• Rear shade keeps the back of your screen cool.
• Grooves in the side panels for easy access to ports.

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Total raised to date:$150,000
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