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Vitag helps short term rental owners - who care about their guests - provide answers to frequently asked questions with just a tap of their phone, no app or QR code required. Vitag is cheaper and faster than QR codes and cuts down on customer service calls, too!

Our solution combines proprietary NFC tags with an intuitive app that simplifies the process of creating video instructions enhanced with additional elements like task lists, contact notes, and more. Best of all, anyone with a phone can tap your tag and instantly see the instructions you create; no special software required.

Vitag is the perfect solution to quickly share complex instructions with anyone, anywhere where you can't be there in person.

Our mission to is to make it easy to get things done, right now.

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Problem statement

How do you share instructions when you are not around; especially to guests that need the information right now?

Paper notes get lost.
Email, apps, and search engines take time to hunt and find what you need.
And QR codes are a hassle to setup, ugly to look at, and not secure.

It's a big problem. In a recent survey we conducted of 1500 US adults, 30% spent more than 2 hours or more per week just trying to find instructions in their home and work. That represents more than 75 million adults spending the equivalent of 33 work days per year just trying to find the information they need to get their job done.

So, how do you share instructions to people that need the information...right now?

Traction information

- Latest version of app with subscription features launch on Jan 25, 2023
- Existing customers in rental property management, recreation, and medical device industry
- Public Beta Launched in Nov 21, 2022

Product video


March 2023

Vitag at SxSW 2023

We are very excited to be partnering with Capital Factory to demo Vitag during the SxSW Startup Crawl.

Every startup exhibiting at the Crawl will be featuring their own personalized Vitag so investors can tap-a-tag and instantly see the pitch deck for the startup.

Excited to be a part of this event and for everyone to see Vitag in action.

January 2023

Release of Subscription Version of the Vitag App

Released latest version of the Vitag App with subscription for premium features of the app

November 2022

Public Beta

Launched the Public Beta of Vitag for the General Public


FYI, if you want to know more about our experience presenting at Techcrunch Disrupt, check out our Twitter account for video updates we did throughout the event.

Amazing article about Vitag in Techcrunch!!!

Just got back from presenting at Techcrunch Disrupt 2022.


Some interesting facts about our market...
Apple Airtags sold in 2021 = 20 million, projected for 2022...35 million. At $29 retail per tag that is a new billion dollar market Apple just created. That's a lot of tags.

Recent article in the Financial Times about digital business cards...

“When we introduced digital business cards — physical cards with a digital element — in April, it became our fastest growing new product introduction in the category and we expect continued growth,” says Emily Whittaker, Vista’s executive vice-president for commerce.

I guess people are enjoying tagging things :)


NEW and Updated Deck for Vitag including 18 month projections.


We have been selected by Techcrunch to participate in Battlefield 200 at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco from October 18-20, 2022. This is a huge honor for us and we are one of only 5 companies from Texas participating in this prestigious event that showcase the top 200 startups based on the review and selection by the editors of Techcrunch.
If you are in the San Francisco area, we hope you will stop by and visit us at the event.
We will be showcasing the pre-launch version of the Vitag app and tags.
Hope to see you there.


In preparation for launch, we have changed the name of the company to Vitag. Why? Well in testing the old name of TaskTags with our target audience, they found the name off-putting. So after multiple revisions and tests, we settled on Vitag - a portmanteau of video and tags :)

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Very excited to announce a pilot program on launch with Lodgeur - offering fully furnished short-term apartment rentals in class A properties. Very excited to have them on board and Seb Long, CEO, provided some great feedback on the app and overall deployment process. Extremely excited to have them as a pilot launch partner.

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