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Nudging the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch their first company.

About The Gentle Nudge

I got a gentle nudge to start a company in my 20s and it changed my life. I pay it forward with The Gentle Nudge - a weekly newsletter for anyone who ever wanted to become an entrepreneur.

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How many great entrepreneurs have never started a company?

**Foundational beliefs:**

- healthy entrepreneurship helps us all organize the world a little bit better
- becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most transformative and satisfying adventures one can take in their career
- there are incredible people out there, humble experts in their respective fields, with unique insights, who would make great entrepreneurs. They’ve just never met anyone to give them a gentle nudge
- anyone can learn to be entrepreneur (growth mindset > fixed mindset), they just need a little bit of inspiration, support, love, and attention
- VC is a half a trillion dollars asset class chasing “activated entrepreneurs” - people who already self-identified as founders; it seems that not too much money, work, or attention goes into activating “latent entrepreneurs”

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