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The only marketplace for investors to buy and wholesale deals between each other.

About Trelly Group Inc

Currently, Trelly makes revenue from 1) a 5K transaction fee paid on every "sponsored sale." and 2) We indirectly make the arbitrage from our seed-brand, Myers. Majority of our revenue is currently coming from that seed brand. We anticipate allowing other brands to sell which will drive our instances of 5k fees much higher. - In the future, we plan to reduce the cost for the supplier and increase the cost for the buyer given the drastic value difference between the two sides.

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Problem statement

Trelly operates a websites that enables the selling/bidding of purchase agreements on prospective investment properties. Trelly enables wholesalers to actively manage their listings, coordinate closings, and make more money!

Traction information

Thousands of transactions on our platform
Has made our seed company (2-sided marketplace, we seeded supply) over 20MM, proving value proposition.
Consistently increasing metrics (mau, signups, referrals, bids, etc) with a generally limited marketing campaign
First of it's kind!


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