VINCI helps enterprises create, customize, and share immersive Virtual Reality training simulations that both lower training cost and time while maximizing worker performance.

About VINCI VR, Inc

They do this through their system called Codex; the most robust end-to-end VR training platform on the market that is able to deliver a fully customizable content creation platform, ultra realistic simulator, and detailed data analytics system. Codex not only dramatically improves performance while cutting costs (our users’ pass rates and training times have increased 30% and 495 hours at only 10% of the cost of current tools), but it will also ultimately help save lives.

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Problem statement

Training teams working on High Value Assets and/or dangerous tasks face major problems
when it comes to training:
● Training is Expensive & Dangerous - Real Equipment is expensive & often can’t be used for safety concerns
● Students lack Repetitions due to Training Limitations - 90% of knowledge is lost within 30 days without any practice

Traction information

• Customers/Partnerships - US Army’s Natick Research Lab (CCDC) and the 101st Airborne Division based in Fort Campbell. The total value of that contract was $100,000
• Defense - Phase I and Phase II contract with AFWERX to specifically deploy the codex system to Air Education Training Command (AETC) for Heavy Aircraft Avionics Maintenance training. Those contracts were worth $45,000 and $750,000, respectively; SBIR - SBIR Phase I & II, subcontract with Natick Labs (Army CCDC), xTechSearch 5.0 Round 2
• Non-Defense space - VINCI has partnered with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) to work on safety equipment training. SGRE is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, and has been heavily investing in the growing Offshore Wind Space on the US Eastern Seaboard.
• Cash in the bank - We have $125,000, with an additional $450,000 coming in from current P2 contract. At current burn rate, this will last us until ~March-April 2021.
• Pending proposals - Submitted a proposal to the Mass Clean Energy Center for an investment of $124,000
• Advisor - Conrad Holloman - Director of Techstars AFWERX (Defense Advisor)


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