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Work anywhere with vSpatial. Productivity and Collaboration Toolsets for the Virtual Workspace. Leading, patented solution for consumers, smb, and enterprise who want more out of remote working. Over 120,000 users on the Quest 2 alone.

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Problem statement

Work anywhere with unlimited monitors.
Remote doesn't have to mean distant.
Sometimes you need to focus on the people, sometimes it’s the content – but usually, it’s both. With vSpatial, you don’t have to pick one or the other.

Traction information

- Integrations with leading XR hardware and software including Facebook, HTC, Pico and others
vSpatial founded by long time team that invented VoIP and vSpatial has the most comprehensive remote work solution"
- 120,000 lifetime users on Quest 2 alone in less than one year
- Comprehensive patent issued May 4, 2021 and significant further claims have been published
- Sold VMware as first customer and launching vWaaS on November 1 2021


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