Adam Kahn


Adam is a Principal at Unorthodox Ventures. With a background in analytics and predictive modeling, Adam is not a believer in the “if you can’t convince them, confuse them” method of analytics. He believes strongly that collecting data is only the first step — interpreting and sharing it so that everyone sees the path forward is how you win in business. His monomaniacal focus on trends and numbers lets him see things others miss (which is how he landed a role running a $60-million residential ceiling fan division at age 26). In that role, he also honed a keen understanding of marketing, overseeing and implementing a $12 million marketing plan and media mix.

Today he has built a detailed due diligence model that ensures each and every investment by Unorthodox Ventures will fulfill the goal of helping partner companies achieve long-term success. Let him put his skills to work building your business.


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