Vishal Bansal


Dr. Vishal Bansal is a physiatrist who completed his medical residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The University of Texas Health Houston/McGovern Medical School. During his training period he served as Chief of Wellness and Chief of Academics. He has profound experience on treating patients with traumatic/acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other neurological debilitating disorders. His work in one of the top rehabilitation centers in the nation has provided firsthand insight into the challenges his patients face, inspiring a passion for advocacy and patient education. He has a special interest in fertility issues amongst this subset of patients and recognizes the impact these underlying conditions can have on reproductive health. He believes their rehabilitation journey should be comprehensive care that addresses physical, emotional, psychosocial and reproductive health.

Dr. Bansal has an additional interest in pain medicine and will be pursuing an interventional pain management fellowship at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (2024-2025).


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