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About Agnt AI

Introducing Agnt, the 'Do This' app for every real estate professional. Our AI-powered co-pilot delivers personalized guidance for every agent's next action.

With over 4,000 agents currently benefiting from our data analysis, and a projected reach of 17,000 by June 2024, we're at the forefront of generating, aggregating, and analyzing valuable insights.

Agnt offers a free app for simple tasks like writing listing descriptions and posting ads. Leveraging hundreds of data streams, we assist agents in understanding their precise next best action. Our platform automates the creation and hosting of luxury branded websites, PPC ads, dynamic retargeting, auto-generated SEO content, and blog posts. With a flywheel-type upsell strategy fully automated, powered by the same AI, Agnt helps agents respond to inquiries, inform clients of market shifts, all at extreme scale.


Problem statement

Realtors excel in relationships, not tech or data. Yet, their online presence, CRM usage, ads, and client searches generate abundant, underutilized data, causing missed revenue chances. Despite having access to crucial fragmented data, most lack a guiding co-pilot to steer them toward optimal business actions.

Traction information

We are currently profitable with 100's of paying customers generating over $38k in MRR. We have access to over 85% of North American MLS feeds (local board of realtors; eg Austin Board of Realtors representing 17k real estate agents and 10k's of active, sold and pending listings to fuel our LLM models). We have a proven, enterprise grade technology stack with lean but highly experienced prod and engineering team. Our founder has 25 years in building tech (founder of TabbedOut/Union POS, founding team at WholeSecurity (acq'd by SYMC in '05) and RealSavvy (acq'd by Ojo Labs in 2019; reacquired by Rick in 2022 and now rolled into Agnt AI along with another startup, Listing Village out of Capital Factory).


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