Austin startups

Austin, Texas, pulsates with a unique blend of musical rhythms and innovative entrepreneurship. Renowned as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” its streets echo with diverse melodies ranging from indie rock to country. Simultaneously, Austin’s dynamic startup scene is booming, emerging as a hotbed for tech innovation and creative business ventures. Here are a few of the startups in the Austin scene. To hear the voice of the Austin startup community, read the Austin Startups Blog.

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More. Cargo. Volume. Period.
Enabling an Autonomous Revenue Engine
Operational AI for Physical Spaces
Growing participation in the Circular Economy.
Deliver higher cash flows and more predictable returns with Zeno's Energy OS
Next Generation Anti-infectives Biotech Platform
Revolutionizing estate planning through AI, Cryptography & Smart contracts
Fueling eCommerce Growth with AI
The marketplace for industrial packaging.
World's first booking and financing marketplace for the wedding industry
Create complex documents in minutes with AI
Financial planning and analysis platform for tech SMEs working with multiple data sources.
Holistic Scalp & Hair Wellness For Menopausal Women
Embedded finance solution replacing the life Insurance policy loan.
An Artificial Workforce Platform