Austin startups

Austin, Texas, pulsates with a unique blend of musical rhythms and innovative entrepreneurship. Renowned as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” its streets echo with diverse melodies ranging from indie rock to country. Simultaneously, Austin’s dynamic startup scene is booming, emerging as a hotbed for tech innovation and creative business ventures. Here are a few of the startups in the Austin scene. To hear the voice of the Austin startup community, read the Austin Startups Blog.

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Revolutionizing RV living with our smart thermostat and control, Significant traction with more than 500 users at $329 price point. LTV of $479 through monthly recurring revenue and CPA of $156/device.
ai. sales, bi, salestech, smb, revenue, skills
Operational AI: AI-Driven Enterprise Software for Operators and Decision Makers
Reinvents how people discover and purchase toys & gifts online
Own Your Algorithm
Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells
We build asset management software to increase operational readiness, transform training, and make life easier for pilots.
Reporting and Distributions for Medical Practices Made Easy
Fueling eCommerce Growth with AI
Food management done right. Waste less, save more.
The world's first free beverage company!
Powers Apple, Microsoft device trade-in and upgrade programs. Also leases MacBooks to startups.
eve drones arrive within 3 minutes of a 911 call to help emergency responders save resources and save lives.