Companies tagged with Fintech

Fintech platform unlocking the $30T home equity market
We are unlocking the $3.29 Trillion trapped in life insurance policies.
Live expense tracking of your company software subscriptions
Powers Apple, Microsoft device trade-in and upgrade programs. Also leases MacBooks to startups.
Empowering SMBs to Scale Their Spend
myNILpay is a first-of-its-kind fintech platform to enable fans an NCAA-compliant method to direct-pay college student athletes for their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). #NILforALL
Find your happy place.
Business events automation SaaS tool
World's first booking and financing marketplace for the wedding industry
Revolutionizing estate planning through AI, Cryptography & Smart contracts
Democratizing wealth & institutional trading algorithms for retail investors
Connecting Every Phone to Every Terminal Worldwide
Turn accounts receivables on insurance claims into upfront capital with a couple of clicks.
Outsourced Cybersecurity for SMBs, Startups, and Supply Chains. Cyvatar is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get and stay cyber-secure.
3-Statement Financial Modeling Automation Powered by USPTO-Patented Machine Learning Algorithms
Web3 App, Support Local Businesses & Save Money At The Same Time. Grab USDC & Start Shopping Today.
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