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For the underserved Latino business and fastest-growing segment of the US Market; Trez is an all-in-one solution providing Payroll, Benefits, and Finance.

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Problem statement

The problem Trez is trying to solve is how complicated and costly payroll operations can be. Not only that, but payroll services lack human relationships and support for Latino and Hispanic culture and language.

Relevance of the problem and why it needs a solution now:

The fastest-growing workforce is Latino, and Latino businesses are launching and growing at an accelerated rate.
Although California’s Retirement Mandate requires businesses with 5 or more employees to offer 401k or payroll-administered IRA, 50% of the US workforce does not have retirement via employer-sponsored plans. This number increases to 69% for the US Latino workforce. 13 other states have similar mandates, and this is an expanding trend across the country.

Traction information

$1.6M+ Monthly GVM Payroll Processed
160+ Paying Business Clients
500+ Workers Paid


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Total raised to date:$1,200,000
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