We are unlocking the $3.29 Trillion trapped in life insurance policies.

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Vie is an innovative solution that is transforming the life insurance industry with a first of its kind credit card product.

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Rapid rate rises have led to a mismatch between asset and liability cash flows. This exposes insurers to losses when guaranteed contracts amongst their policyholders are being fulfilled. Increased policy lapses and annuity withdrawals could increase liquidity demands to a tipping point, forcing insurance companies into a bail-out situation.

Out with the old and in with the new. Vie is ushering in the future of life insurance policy loans with an embedded finance solution designed to help life insurers retain their assets longer, improve customer satisfaction, gain customer insight, and diversify revenue streams.

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According to LIMRA's Fact Sheet, in 2022, life insurance carriers paid $394 Billion to policyholders as living benefits(Policy Loans, Policy Lapses). This number is expected to increase due to the rapid inflation rate and the consumers' need for buying power. The increased demand for living benefits earlier than anticipated disrupts an insurance carrier's business model from an asset/liability management standpoint. We partner with insurance companies and replace their outdated policy lending process. Using our banking partner, we service the living benefit needs of the carrier's policyholders with a credit card product that is underwritten based on the policy owner's current policy value. In doing so, we allow the carrier to keep the underlying asset under their management. Between interchange and interest spread, Vie will earn an average of 6% of the credit we issue to our partner carriers' policy owners. Using the $394 B paid by carriers in living benefits in 2022 gives us a TAM of $23.64 B in the US Market. Being the first to market with this solution has benefits and presents challenges. Still, with a wide-open market, Vie is at the forefront as the only known startup that has a solution for what is set to become a significant industry problem.

Visionaries don't create companies that solve problems; they build companies that prevent them, which is what we are doing.

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August 2022


Secured an incentive offer from Mastercard that would not only gran us access to their network, but would also supply us with performance-based additional bps.

August 2022

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Utilizing third-party services we have been able to establish a following of more e than 5,000 followers on social media channels and 16,000 opted-in potential customers awaiting the card product to be launched.


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We had the opportunity to pitch at an insurtech conference in Omaha, NE, called Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie. Here, we secured endorsements from nine Insurance Commissioners as a trusted partner for carriers and put another five insurance partners in the pipeline, bringing the total to fifteen. We will continue to build the customer pipeline as we look to close our current round, which will allow us to integrate with our banking partner and issuer processor fully.

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Please see our September Update and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all so much.

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Vie. Credit Card in the Front. Insurance in the Back

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