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We are unlocking the $3.29 Trillion trapped in life insurance policies.
Deliver higher cash flows and more predictable returns with Zeno's Energy OS
Bookkeeping and tax preparation made ridiculously simple
Chipper is a consumer-facing mobile app that allows borrowers to pay, manage, and refinance their loans all in one place.
Dolo Finance unlocks debt capital for SME loan originators by bridging crypto liquidity with real world businesses
Be Invested
eDealer Direct help financial institutions sell their repossessed vehicles at the lowest cost per transaction in the industry while providing more returns.
Illuma Labs helps contact centers elevate the user experience, enhance security, and improve operational efficiency with zero friction voice authentication.
CHAaSM Cloud is the first zero-trust software factory that automates secure software deployment.
Quilt is a low-code, Fintech enablement-as-a-service platform designed to facilitate embeddable Fintech services and abstract away integration complexity.
FloatMe helps employees bridge cash gaps and build savings.
Tuuk helps financial service firms and insurance carriers increase self-service transactions in digital channels so they can reduce operating costs. For every 1% increase in activity, they can reduce these costs by $8.8 million each month.
TrustFund is the first ever debit card that acts like a credit card when emergencies arise. More than 50% of Americans do not have enough in savings to cover a $500 unplanned expense. For the third of American adults with subprime credit they have to resort to options like payday, title loans and pawn shops which boast Avg APRs north of 400% when needing to access cash fast. TrustFund is platform that provides clients the tools & features they need to achieve their goals in addition to the support they need to keep them on track when they hit a bump in the road.
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