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Privacy, Security, and Ownership are Human Rights

About The Whisper Company

The Whisper Company has created a new level of privacy, security and ownership of your information.

Our first of two (patented) technologies are:
- Persistent User Authorization (PUA).
True to Zero Trust: it puts the Always Verify, in the zero-trust moniker of “Always Verify, Never Trust”. It guarantees that only the authenticated user can operate the application/device by using continuous biometric authentication. The instant the user is not in front of their device or someone else (shoulder-surfer), the contents of their screen obfuscate. The identity assurance is throughout the session, not just for access like current solutions. It is password-less and frictionless for the end-user, improving operational efficiency while increasing security.

- Chaotic Hybrid Encryption (CHE).
A Quantum Resistant Encryption that is low code and low latency. It eliminates the Harvest Now/Decrypt Later (HNDL) of the upcoming "quantum winter". CHE can be implemented in-line and it is 20-100 times faster that AES-256 (current military-grade encryption). CHE leverages layers of proprietary technologies. It’s a one-time pad encryption, with an infinite-Key, generated from a chaotic oscillator, realized in a hybrid (mixed-signal) processor. We don't share encryption keys, they are generated locally.

We have SDKs ready to be licensed, so our clients (FinTech, HealthTech, Military, Government, etc.) can make their apps more secure with less friction to their users, reducing fraud (chargebacks), MITM attacks, Phishing, stolen credentials, etc.

Additional information (including pitches, patents, infographics, white papers, repositories, and more) are available at Feel free to reach out to us: [email protected]

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Problem statement

Endpoints are keys to information vulnerabilities, whether it be personal, proprietary, financial, medical, highly valuable, or sensitive. Today we have more people accessing more information from more endpoints than ever. We don't have adequate solutions to protect these endpoints and the information therein. Multi-factor Authentication ensures the right device is nearby a login session, but doesn't ensure who is behind the device and who enters that six digit code or if the authorized user continues to operate the app or device. Passwords and Pin's can easily be hacked, guessed, or visually eavesdropped, not to mention the vulnerability of users that have their passwords automatically saved. These current "solutions" leave users with friction and companies dealing with fraud, identity theft and data leaks. Authentication and access to information needs to be biometric based and needs to be continuous.
For those that are not aware, Quantum computing is not far from being a commercially viable technology. Preparing for this day is more important than ever. Adversaries, foreign and domestic are saving today’s data in troves. They call this "act" Harvest Now, Decrypt Later (HNDL). They already have our data, and are saving more and more day by day. The Financial industry amongst other proprietary information industries are all targets. They are holding this information and waiting for quantum computing capabilities to decrypt it. Current encryption will be rendered obsolete. We need quantum resistant encryption today.

Traction information

- SBIR (NSF) for patented quantum proof Chaotic Hybrid Encryption technology (Previously under past company name, TAMOSI) - $250,000
- Friends and Family + Institutional Investor + Multinational Security Company round of $150k

Customer Traction
- 4 MOU's and 2 more in the pipeline
- Two companies in the process of implementing our technologies.
- MVP Proof of Concept App (3k+ downloads, 4+ stars, w/o advertising)
- POC of desktop deployment.

Awards & Accelerators:
Accelerators: MassChallenge Finalist (selected 20/220 for FinTech cohort), Expert Dojo Accelerator Finalist, DivInc Accelerator Finalist, Pitch Competition Cash Prize Winner of LatinX in Tech Pitch Competition, NewChip Accelerator, MassChallenge Mexico MCX Finalist.

- Chaotic Hybrid Encryption Patent (UT Assignee, Exclusive license), CTO is co-inventor.
- Persistent User Authentication Patent (The Whisper Company Assignee), both co-founders (CEO & CTO) are inventors.

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December 2022

Invisible-Ink] Software Development

As soon as we secured funding, we contracted developers from Universidad Simon Bolivar (Our CTO’s Alma Matter). We designed the basic SDK for PUA and the GUI/UI/UX for our messaging app, invisible-ink, [i-i]. We selected the iOS, because is more standard and easier to develop. In the process, we created a back-end and an SDK that will work for an Android OS version of [i-i].

September 2022

PUA Patent

As we pivot from Industrial IoT (IIoT) to peer-to-peer communication, we had the dilemma of how to guarantee only authorized users had access to the sensitive information. Our CEO, Alejandro Fernandez had the aha-moment of why not using biometrics continuously. After reviewing the USPTO, we realized that there was no patent issued, so we decided to file one. We contacted Bill Hulsey, a well-known patent attorney in Austin, that had worked with our CTO in previous patents. Benito and Alejandro wrote the patent application and filed it on 03/04/2020 We worked with Hulsey and Patent Reviewer until the patent issued 09/27/2022

March 2021

Raising Friends & Family Round

We needed to raise funds for the patent application and the software development. We raised, receiving checks from 10/16/2019 through 06/30/2021. We also had a Multinational security company and Expert Dojo accelerator, both funding $25k. The last funding was 10/25/2021.

July 2020

Securing CHE License

Dr. Fernandez is a co-inventor of the Chaotic Hybrid Encryption Communication Kit (CHECK), assigned to The University of Texas at Austin (UT). After retiring (early) to commercialize this and other patents he co-invented, he secured an exclusive license for the patent.


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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$350,000
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