BrewStubs, Inc.

BrewStubs helps breweries and event producers sell their products digitally. In addition, they are helping both public and private event organizers replace the paper drink tickets with a digital alternative.

About BrewStubs, Inc.

A digital ticketing system which tickets the keg (or bottle) instead of the line. Essentially “Ticket Master for craft beer.”

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Problem statement

The beer industry lacks a central digital retail hub.
Partners lack: 1) The ability to capture robust patron data on both admissions and beverage sales 2) The ability to pre-sell product alongside admission 3) An ability to capture additional revenue from event and drink ticket sales.
Craft beer drinkers lack: 1) One platform to discover, locate, and reserve craft beer 2) Find and purchase admission to events that support local breweries 3) The ability to gift beverages securely

Traction information

Current Traction: Market research complete, 6 signed LOIs, technology/product built
Fundraise: ~$25k of $100k round funded → Investors: Heidi Huntington (Partner @ AVL Growth) & Stephen Cassar (Founder, TicketSage), Andy Hart (COO, Mediatech Ventures)
Plans: Soft launch in Q1 of 2020, Digital sales of all inventory, full-service event ticketing platform, robust patron data from all sales, the ability to pre-sell product, increased foot traffic to brick and mortar


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