Clyr is about enabling clarity in your water and the pool maintenance process by helping you understand pool health, receiving exact instructions on dosing, getting chemicals delivered and accessing 24x7 pool help, all from your phone.

About Clyr

Clyr has developed a smart skimmer plate that monitors the water and reports back to their connected app, letting users (or service providers) know in real time what the pool’s condition is. Subscribers also gain access to discounted chemical ordering and referrals to service providers.

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Problem statement

Pool maintenance is tough - for both pool owners and service providers. While 30% of pool owners opt to pay for a pool service, there are still a huge number of people going at it DIY. It’s a chore to check your pool’s chemical balance, and often requires owners drive to the pool store for sample analysis and chemical/supply purchases.

Traction information

$70K in e-commerce sales (non-recurring) in 2020.
Launched Clyr MVP platform last year (Oct-Dec), $15K MRR
John (JR) Reale on their board
MassChallenge 2020 Finalist, Google for Startups
3 Utility patents pending for the smart skimmer
Partnerships with pool service providers Venture Pool Company, Spartan Pool & Patio, and PoolFax


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